How To Use A Dreamcatcher To Manifest Intentions

The world's most common question would go like this, "If you had three wishes…" 

However, why does it always begin with an 'If'? 

In reality, the universe works in such a manner that it can undoubtedly grant your wishes, and not just three, but as many as you desire. The act of manifesting is nothing less than magic. In easier words, manifestation is the art of setting desires and witnessing them materialise in real life. 

How To Begin Your Manifestation Journey

You don't have to be spiritually awake to begin this fulfilling process. All you need is the right mentality, some faith, and patience.

Here are a few ways to start:

Manifesting With Passwords

By making your password a strong affirmation of success, you turn one of life's discomforts into an alignment boost. For instance, if you struggle with finances, your password could be 'iattractriches.'

Start using your secret password after you have transformed your goal into it. Similarly, use this newly created password on as many devices as possible. This leads to subconsciously repeating it every time you log in and leading the powers of nature to assist you in fulfilling them.

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Manifesting With Screensavers

Looking at the same screensaver repeatedly is a practical approach to reconnect and actualise your desires. It can be utilised to serve as a reminder of your intentions. And with an exceptional probability of introducing a desired transformation, it merges the power of reinforcement.

You may include positive phrases, song lyrics, and famous sayings in your screensaver. You will continue to read them this way, and the universe will grab and attract these manifestations for you.

Writing Down Intentions

Writing down intention improves their clarity and helps to regulate thoughts and feelings while fostering focus. Remember, manifestation is unlikely if you are not focused on your desire. The more concentrated you are, the simpler and faster the manifestation will be.

Manifestation With Dreamcatchers

Dreamcatchers are widely known for protecting your goodnight's sleep from evil and negative dreams. However, their protective role does not end there. They go beyond imagination to preserve and bring to reality your deepest desires.

Here's how to use a dreamcatcher to materialise your desires:

  1. To manifest something, you should know what you want. Make your specifics as clear and as detailed as possible. For example, if you wish to lose weight, rather than being generic, say, "I want to drop 15 kgs in three months."
  2. Close your eyes and visualise the dreamcatcher in front of you. Feel its presence and trust in its strength.
  3. Begin by asking for what you desire. There are several ways to ask, including prayer and meditation.
  4. Keep your dreamcatcher in a location with strong vibrations. Vibrations are like radio signals that are sent to the universe. You must tune the vibration of your dreamcatcher's signal so that it may be received.
  5. Trust the process.

Note: Higher vibrations can be achieved from basic activities like cleaning, lighting candles, or playing music.


Dreamcatchers are spiritual instruments that can help you connect with your higher self. Everything in the universe is achievable. In fact, the universe is the epitome of "you want it, you got it."

Now that you know how to perform manifestation through dreamcatchers, embrace your gorgeous item and make a list of everything you desire from the core of your heart.

Happy Manifesting!

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