Is Your Dreamcatcher Choosing You?

People use colourful dreamcatchers to attain various aesthetic or design objectives. Many dreamcatcher owners choose white to balance their energies and sleep peacefully, while others choose red or pink to represent passion and prosperity. Also, mothers frequently hang dreamcatchers in their children's rooms in the hopes of a good night's sleep and beautiful, uplifting dreams.

Sometimes, you may head outdoors to purchase something, having a specific item in mind. Funnily as we know it, you yet come out buying something entirely else. The same chain of events occurs with dreamcatchers. Ask yourself again - is your dreamcatcher choosing you?

Yes! Most Certainly

In the famous children’s series of novels, Harry Potter, written by J.K Rowling, following the adventures of Harry and his friends in the wizarding world, it can be seen that the wand chooses its holder. Every different wand attracts its wizard, with a unique type of wood and core ingredient that the wand comprises.

Similarly, when it comes to dreamcatchers, you may feel drawn to a particular piece, irrespective of its colour, shape, and size. It also doesn’t depend on who gifts you the dreamcatcher, provided they think of your energies while picking it out. 

The key is not to be fixated on a particular colour and instead keep an open mind while going to buy your dreamcatcher

Let your intuition guide you, and you will realize that yes, there is some vibration or energy drawing you to a particular dreamcatcher.

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Does It Matter Where You Hang It?

Often, people have concerns in their heads concerning the Vastu of their house. 

Vastu is an old Indian science of architecture, which provides specifications on various house parameters, such as the direction of waking up, entry, cooking, eating, etc. This Vastu is usually presented with an intention to help you nurture a peaceful and hassle-free life in that house.

While one may want to look into buying a specific coloured dreamcatcher that suits their Vastu, others scratch their head on where to hang it for the best utilization of the dreamcatcher and its energy purifying powers.

However, a scare number of these beliefs apply to dreamcatchers. These thought-provoking ornaments are free from the bounds of Vastu rules. Hence, there is no right or wrong place to hang it, nor does it matter what colour you choose. Remember to abide by your intuition, appeal, and consider what draws your attention.

Your Dreamcatcher Chooses You

Consider your dreamcatcher to be your magical wand. It will navigate you through filtering away all negative energies and allow you to blossom in the joy of positive vibrations. Once you establish a raw connection to your dreamcatcher, feel free to let it guide your intentions. 

Here is a fun piece of trivia: 

If the purpose of hanging a dream catcher is fulfilled, the dream catcher will dry out or fall apart. 

The main motive of acquiring a dreamcatcher remains to attract positive energies and maintain a healthy aura.

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